One day I looked up and saw a blue moon

One day I looked up and saw a blue moon,
The time had come and not a minute too soon.
I picked up some flowers and her favorite chocolate,
I scampered along; today I just couldn’t wait.

Walking passed her window, I caught her eye,
They were swollen with tears, poorly hiding behind a smile.
Her father looked at me and signaled that I should to go,
He was giving her away; she would be mine no more.

What could I say, I had nothing much to show,
I resigned to my fate and watched her slowly go.
When is love enough and honesty adequate,
When is money enough and greed replete?

Her warm embrace will belong to someone else,
Everything I was sure of – now makes no sense.
I looked up again and there was no moon,
The time had gone, a minute too soon.

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