One day I looked up and saw a blue moon

One day I looked up and saw a blue moon,
The time had come and not a minute too soon.
I picked up some flowers and her favorite chocolate,
I scampered along; today I just couldn’t wait.

Walking passed her window, I caught her eye,
They were swollen with tears, poorly hiding behind a smile.
Her father looked at me and signaled that I should to go,
He was giving her away; she would be mine no more.

What could I say, I had nothing much to show,
I resigned to my fate and watched her slowly go.
When is love enough and honesty adequate,
When is money enough and greed replete?

Her warm embrace will belong to someone else,
Everything I was sure of – now makes no sense.
I looked up again and there was no moon,
The time had gone, a minute too soon.

I’ll meet you again at the gardens of paradise

I’ll meet you again at the gardens of paradise,
We’ll continue this story and again roll the dice.
Till then let me mourn and wait for the day,
When I can hold you again and like that we can stay.

These worldly matters entertain me no more,
The jester’s moves seem no more than a chore.
You left me hollow and with nothing left to do,
But stare at this monument I built just for you.

For no one I dress and for no one I sing,
For no one I wake and for no one I dream.
I am the emperor and I have a country to rule,
I would trade it all in a second for just glimpse of you.

As every day passes, I am one day closer to you,
I will dress in my finest on the day that I am due.
I’ll meet you again at the gardens of paradise,
Warm in your embrace, immortal as the sunrise.

Just one chair on this table meant for two

You once stared into my eyes like you now stare into your phone,
We would love, share and comment; but now you can do that alone.
I remember waiting hours for a corner table and now anything will do,
It seems like there’s just one chair on this table meant for two.

Our arch nemesis – the waiter, was always seen as an interruption,
Today he waltzes by and serves us a welcome distraction.
When did your Instagram replace me with pictures of gyrating food?
How long have I been sitting here on this table meant for two?

You once called me your mystery novel but I feel more like this menu card,
Exciting me with slight indulgence – only to be quickly discard.
So, here we wait in a sit down restaurant for our fast food meal to cook,
How we wish there was just one chair on this table meant for two.

As our cutlery speak, we silently wait for this tryst to be over,
Out comes the cheque, and I read the price of being alone and sober.
My love is like this candle light, at some point it will be through,
Stains of neglected wax will grace this table – that was once meant for two.

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